automobile condensers

The condenser, as the name implies, is the component that cools the refrigerant and condenses into liquid refrigerant!
As an important member of the automobile cooling system, its most important role is to become the heat of the refrigeration system
Quantity exchange. The condenser is a heat dissipation device in the automobile air conditioner, which compresses the heat of the refrigerant in the compressor compression process.
The amount is dissipated into the space outside the car, so that the high-temperature and high-pressure gas from the compressor becomes a medium-temperature and high-pressure liquid.
The heat output of the condenser = the heat absorbed by the evaporator + the heat generated by the compressor during operation. There are compressors
Rotating, the relative frictional movement of the components will also generate heat! So in the car cooling system, cold
The heat dissipation of the condenser is greater than the heat absorption of the evaporator!

At present, the main forms of automobile condensers are tube sheet type, tube belt type and parallel flow type. The structure of the condenser develops from the tube sheet type to the tube belt type, and mainly develops to the parallel flow type. The internal structure of the stacked type and parallel flow type is constantly evolving, in order to further improve the heat exchange efficiency and reduce the weight. The parallel flow type condenser has developed from a unit parallel flow type to a multiple parallel flow type. Due to measures such as thinning the thickness of the tube, increasing the fins in the tube, cutting the fin, changing the shape and opening angle of the fin, the fin heat dissipation area is increased, and the heat exchange efficiency on the gas side and the liquid side is strengthened. , The working principle of the condenser. The condenser is used to release heat. The refrigerant is compressed by the compressor to the condenser, and the condenser has a capillary at the end. The capillary will produce resistance to liquefy the gas refrigerant compressed by the compressor to achieve the effect of heat release. The condenser is high pressure and will only be hot. The evaporator is cold. The liquid refrigerant of the condenser reaches the evaporator after passing through the capillary tube, and then quickly vaporizes, evaporates and absorbs heat, and achieves the cooling effect. This is how the cooling capacity and heat are continuously generated.

ommon condenser failures include leakage, blockage, and poor heat dissipation. When the condenser leaks, you can see that there is oil on the top. Generally, where there is oil sludge, it is where it leaks. For the failure of condenser clogging, it is generally not very common. In some older vehicles, because the air conditioning system has more and more impurities, the impurities may accumulate at the corner of the condenser, thereby forming a damping hole similar to an orifice tube, which hinders the flow of refrigerant. To judge such problems, it is very simple to measure the temperature of each layer of condenser from top to bottom according to the flow direction of the condenser; the temperature of the normal condenser gradually decreases from high to low from the top to the bottom. It should not be There is an obvious temperature change; if we find an obvious temperature change between the two layers, it should be that there is a blockage inside, which forms a throttle. For the heat dissipation effect of the condenser, it is not necessarily that the condenser itself is dirty, but it is likely that the heat dissipation caused by the dirty water tank is poor. In our common vehicles, the condenser is generally placed in front of the water tank. In the air, many cases of dirt will accumulate between the condenser and the water tank. Especially in front of the water tank, there will be a lot of flocculent blockage, which affects the cooling airflow. . This leads to poor heat dissipation of the condenser and poor cooling effect of the air conditioning system. UKU Tips: Clean the water tank and condenser in time every year! Don’t feel that the air conditioner is not cool and the water temperature is too high. If the problem is not large, ignore the repair. Because the heat load of the air conditioner and the cooling system is too long, it is not only a simple problem that the air conditioner is not cool and the water temperature is high. Excessive explosion of the machine will cause the engine to burn the cylinder pad and pull the cylinder, at least it will also cause excessive load on the electronic fan, burn the circuit, burn the insurance, and burn the motor!


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