Do you know the abnormal sound of these car engine belts?


1.The engine belt is humming

Since the main component of the transmission belt is rubber, the joint surface of the belt and the pulley is relatively smooth. When the engine speed changes rapidly, the load on the belt-driven accessory is increased, which may cause the engine belt to make a “beep” sound.


Secondly, most belt automatic elastics between the bottom and the elastic arm have a set of wear length indicators along the direction of sliding. If the pointer exceeds this range, the belt will wear excessively. The sound of “zi”, this time you need to change the car belt immediately.


2. Make a long scream or harsh noise

There are two reasons why the engine belt can emit long screams or harsh noises:

  • The surface of the pulley is stained with dirt such as sand:


If the car is used in a dirty environment, the owner should periodically check the surface of all the pulleys for dirt.

  • Reverse belt installation:


If it is because the other maintenance work removes the timing gear belt and then installs the fashion, when the belt is running, it will hear sharp and harsh screams. The owner can now ask to try to reverse the installation direction of the belt. To see if the fault has disappeared.


In addition to the above two reasons for exclusion, improperly the auxiliary device usually causes the belt to emit long screams or harsh noise.

3.A noise of snoring, snoring, and roaring

Continuous humming or snoring means that the bearings of the auxiliary rotating mechanism are in a lack of oil. As the engine speed increases, the continuous whistling sound gradually becomes a humming sound, indicating that the corresponding bearing will quickly fail.


After removing the drive belt, you can use the hand to turn the part that is suspected to be faulty. If the rotation is difficult or the sound is rough and harsh, it will replace the bearing or replace the corresponding parts. Each time the owner replaces the parts of the auxiliary drive accessory, don’t forget to replace the belt tensioning wheel and the automatic elastic device.

4.The engine belt rumbling

Rumble sound is a kind of sound that is more typical of belt vibration. It is usually caused by loose belt, too long stretch or damage to belt tensioner and elastic wheel.


If the belt is too loose, it will not only cause the belt to slip, but also reduce the transmission efficiency. It may also fall off and damage the engine parts closely connected with the transmission belt, causing the pump fan blades not to run, the engine temperature is too high, the whole vehicle loses the power supply source, and the air conditioner loses cooling. The ability and power of the pump do not work, and the direction loses power.

Post time: Feb-01-2019
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