How long should the spark plug be replaced, and to what extent, you will know it after watching this!!!

How often do spark plugs need to be replaced, or to what extent do they need to be replaced? Today I will talk with you about spark plugs. Many car owners may have driven the car for more than 100,000 kilometers, but they have not replaced the spark plugs again. Under normal circumstances, the car’s spark plugs need to be replaced once every 60,000 km. What happens if the spark plug is not replaced for a long time? First of all, everyone knows that fuel consumption will increase and the spark plug will be used for a long time. Due to long-term ignition and combustion, a large amount of coke will be generated, resulting in insufficient ignition and combustion. , Naturally your car’s fuel consumption will increase.


Maybe many people do not replace the spark plug for a long time. This is the case that the body is shaking and the speed cannot be raised. This is that the spark plug has not ignited, causing the engine to have one or more cylinders not working. When it comes to spark plugs, there are actually many models, including ordinary, with resistance, platinum, and iridium. Many people are not clear about this. Today I will teach you how to distinguish the quality of the spark plug. It is to look at the size of the ignition head of the spark plug. The smaller and sharper the ignition head, the better the spark plug. This is just a rough teaching how to identify the quality of the spark plug, because this is also the most practical. In fact, if you subdivide, there are too many models, and I can’t give them one by one here.

Another thing that is most likely to damage the spark plug is to add inferior gasoline. Many people go to small gas stations to refuel, because the fuel there is not only cheap, but also free car washing, which is a problem. Why are regular gas stations not only not cheap but not sending car wash? Obviously, this oil is problematic! After adding inferior gasoline, you will obviously feel that the speed-up performance of your car is degraded, because inferior gasoline will not burn completely in the engine, and it cannot provide the necessary kinetic energy, and naturally the car cannot increase the speed. Inferior gasoline contains more water. Long-term use will make the spark plug white, and it will be covered with a thick layer of white carbide, so that the spark plug will lose its ignition ability after a period of time. If your car is really running out of fuel, you must go to a small gas station to refuel. Please add a suitable amount of 95 or 98  gasoline. This will be better than 92 gasoline

Post time: Dec-27-2019
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