From the tightness of the year to the looseness of the present, what has your car experienced?

After the car was opened for a long time, many car owners found that the car that had been tight and compacted had become loose, shock-absorbing and even comfortable. They all said that the time was to “kill the pig knife”, loose the chassis, flashed the waist, the car from the tightness of the year to the loose now, what has it gone through?


As the saying goes: “The bad car is bad at the bottom”, the chassis is directly related to the car’s safety, handling, comfort and economy and other key performance. If the chassis is not properly maintained, the chassis will become loose, and as the length of the vehicle gradually decreases, it will directly affect the driving experience of the vehicle.


So what is the reason for the loose chassis? How do car owners solve these problems while using the car?

Three reasons for the loose chassis

Generally speaking, the reason for the looseness of the chassis is mainly caused by the chassis failure, the shock absorption and the aging of the rubber bushing.

图片3● Chassis failure


Among the three major parts of the car, the structure of the chassis is relatively simple. However, since the chassis is one of the parts closest to the ground, the vibration isolation and conversion between the vehicle and the road surface basically depends on the chassis. If the vehicle is not paying attention during driving, there will be bumps, bumps or bottoming, which will cause deformation or smashing of the parts, so that the chassis will have loose noises such as abnormal noise and bumps.

● Shock absorber strain


In addition, the greatest impact on the driving quality comes from the suspension system, and different suspension types will greatly affect the handling performance of the vehicle. As the spring and the shock absorber between the body and the tire constitute the entire support system, the suspension system plays a role in supporting the body and improving the rider’s feeling of riding.


When the car passes through uneven roads, the expansion and contraction of the damper spring in the damper system can help offset the undulation of the body. A car that is often driven by violence, driving on a pothole or a long history, can seriously wear the suspension components of the car, affecting the handling and comfort of the car, and the loose driving experience of the chassis.

● Rubber bushing performance aging


Three tricks for chassis maintenance

● Equipped with “chassis armor” for the car


Daily maintenance


When it comes to car maintenance, the first reaction of many owners is the engine, tires, brake system, etc., but few people can think of the car chassis. If the owner often runs long distances, to the construction site, etc., he must always wash the chassis and thoroughly do chassis cleaning and rust prevention. In addition, regular professional chassis care should be carried out regularly to achieve good rust protection.

Chassis parts replacement


With the accumulation of the use period, it is inevitable that the chassis becomes loose. Once the driving texture reaches a certain level, the owners need to inspect and replace these parts of the vehicle.

Post time: Mar-11-2019
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