With the maintenance and repair trend, the expansion of the lubricant channel of Daoxu automatic transmission attracts attention

As we all know, the cost of repair and replacement of damaged auto parts on the market is much higher than the maintenance cost. In the past, when it comes to car repairs, many car owners may have bills that range from a few thousand to more than tens of thousands. Now, car owners have formed a consumer concept of “substituting maintenance for repairs”. Car maintenance has become a regular necessity for car owners. Homework done. The reporter noted that in recent years, Daoxufu, which is famous for special vehicle gearbox lubricant products, has been in the industry for the prospective focus on the subdivided field of automobile gearbox maintenance as it conforms to the general trend of “maintenance instead of repair”. Stand out, especially the ecological expansion of Daofu dealer channels, has attracted wide attention.

n recent years, the expansion of the ecological channel of Daofu’s automatic transmission lubricants has arc fan-shaped scattering, and more than 20,000 distribution stores have been distributed throughout the country and overseas markets such as Southeast Asia. This is the result of the strong strength of Daofu’s own channel foundation. It is also the result of adapting to the general trend of maintaining and repairing.” Xu Xiaojun, marketing director of Daoxufu, said that Daofu pays close attention to the concerns and concerns of dealers and provides dealers with services from operation to operation and offline. Multi-dimensional support to online. In terms of service support, the combination of offline training and online consultation deepens the dealers’ understanding and understanding of the Daofu brand, and enhances the dealers’ professional technical level and marketing management capabilities; in terms of operational support, online communication planning and The combination of offline event materials to achieve full coverage of promotion, and constantly improve brand influence.

“We, as a car maintenance company, fully respect the mutually reinforcing and dialectical relationship between maintenance and repair, in order to seize the hearts of consumers, gain a foothold in an increasingly complex market competition environment, and win a world.” The dealer told reporters that there is a “three-point repair and seven-point maintenance” in the industry. If a car owner really cares for his car, he will handle the relationship between maintenance and repair, insist on focusing on maintenance, and overcome the “repair and light maintenance”. “, “Cultivation by cultivation” and other unscientific consumption trends.

Post time: Jun-15-2020
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