When do you replace the spark plug?

The spark plug is called the heart part of the engine. It acts as an ignition and is also a consumable. It works under extremely severe conditions and needs to withstand a high temperature of about 2500 degrees and a high pressure of 5 MPa. Therefore, the owner needs to check and replace it regularly.

When the driving journey of the car reaches 15,000-20,000 kilometers, if there is abnormal situation such as poor starting, unstable speed, and rising fuel consumption, it is time to detect and replace the spark plug.

Good condition spark plug ignition


When the spark plug has the following conditions, it cannot work effectively.



Due to long-term use, after the electrode is consumed, the spark plug may not easily spark, and the combustion gas accumulation in the ignition portion may cause abnormal combustion (pre-ignition), electrode melting and the like. In order to save fuel and improve the environment, blackening and MMT fouling occur, and the spark plug needs to be replaced in time. The installation of spark plugs requires professional skills and attention.

Post time: Feb-01-2019
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