TOKS Orignal Electrical Spark plug 3085 W22EP-U U-Groove Plug

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Place of Origin:
China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
30000 Miles
3085 W22EP-U
Standard Size
Original Packing
Iridium/Platinum/nickel alloy
Delivery time:
Within 3 Days
Resistor Value:
5K Ohm
Car Make:
Model Number:
3085 W22EP-U

Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
50000 Piece/Pieces per Month 3085 W22EP-U U-Groove Plug
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Neutral packing ,As customers’s request.
HuangPu /NanSha /SheKou/YanTian

Product Description
Commodity spark plug
P/N  3085 W22EP-U
Fit for car
Size Standard

TOKS  Electrical Spark plug   3085 W22EP-U U-Groove Plug







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Company Information


Guangzhou HaoYang Auto Parts Co., Ltd. has established in 1998, located in China’s most active auto parts market. we are specialized in import and export of auto parts products,and also had 16 years experience in this area. We have wide connections with wholesalers and retailers from all over the world.And we are looking forward to trading with overseas customers on the basis of equality and mutual benefit and win-win benefit cooperation partnership.
Spark discharge generated by the high-frequency oscillations of the car has caused severe interference to radio communications.
Since the 1960s the world’s industrialized countries have accordingly developed standards or regulations, and to take various measures to suppress interference.
In a lot of anti-interference suppressors, the resistor type spark plug is the most reasonable and effective way,
 and the stability of the combustion stability and fuel injection will be better.
Through strict quality tests,reject the non-standard parts, to ensure the quality of our products.
If there are any quality problems under warranty,return&repair service will be provided to protect the interests of customers.







1S7G 12405 DA IT20
3R23 12405 AA K16SR14
3R23 12405 BA K20SR11
3R23 12405 CA K20SR14
H82SM 12405 AA Q22PR-U
H82SM 12405 BA K24PR-ZU
V92HF 12405 BA PK20PR-P8
0222-18-110 W20EX-U
0744-18-110 W22EX-U
0801-18-600 W20EAR
0802-18-600 W22EAR
0865-18-600 W20EAR
0866-18-600 W22EAR
0867-18-600 W25EA
0868-18-600 W27EA
1483-18-600 W25EDR
1534-18-110 W16EX-U
1690-18-110 W20EPR-U
1A61-18-110 XU22EPR-ZU
1E03-18-110 PT16EPR-L13
1E05-18-110 PT16VR13
2182-18-600 W22EAR
2328-18-600 W25EA
3647-18-600 W20EBR
3648-18-600 W22EBR
3649-18-600 W25EBR
3743-18-600 W22EBR
3744-18-600 W25EB
3953-18-110 W16EXR-U
3954-18-110 W20EXR-U
4095-18-110 W14EX-U
8183-18-600 W22EDR
8344-18-600 W27EBR
8345-18-600 W27EBR
8914-18-110 W16EPR-U
AZ28-18-110 XU22EP-ZU
AZ29-18-110 XU22EP-ZU
B601-18-110 W16EPR-U11
B602-18-110 W16EXR-U11
B695-18-110 Q20PR-U
B696-18-110 Q20PR-U
BP01-18-110 K16PR-U11
BP02-18-110 K16PR-U11
BP03-18-110 K20PR-U11
BP04-18-110 K20PR-U11
BP05-18-110 K22PR-U11
BP06-18-110 K22PR-U11
BP11-18-110 K16PR-U11
BP12-18-110 K20PR-U11
BP47-18-110 K16PR-U
BP48-18-110 K16PR-U
BP49-18-110 K20PR-U
BP50-18-110 K20PR-U
BP8J-18-110 SK20PR-F8
F201-18-110 QJ20CR11
F202-18-110A QJ20CR11
F220-18-110 Q20PR-U11
F221-18-110 Q20PR-U11
F285-18-110 KJ20CR11
F286-18-110 KJ20CR11
F287-18-110 KJ16CR11
F288-18-110 KJ16CR11
F289-18-110 KJ22CR-L11
F290-18-110 KJ22CR-L11
F293-18-110 KJ16CR11
F2C5-18-110 KJ16CR11
H288-18-110 KJ16CR11
IA11-18-110 IXU22C
JE04-18-110 Q22PR-U
JE41-18-110 K16PR-ZU11
JE42-18-110 K16PR-TP11
JE43-18-110 K20PR-ZU11
JE44-18-110 K20PR-TP11
KJ11-18-110 PKJ20CR8
KJ12-18-110 PKJ20CR8
KJ13-18-110 PKJ16CR8
KJ14-18-110 PKJ16CR8
KJ16-18-110 PKJ22CR8
KJ17-18-110 PKJ16CR8
KJ18-18-110 PKJ20CR8
LH13-18-110 IT20
N201-18-600 W25EDR14
N202-18-600 W25EDR14
N212-18-600 W22EDR14
N217-18-600 W25EDR14
N229-18-600 S-27
N230-18-600 S-25
N245-18-600 S-29
N319-18-110 S-31A
N322-18-110 W29EBR
N323-18-110 W29EBR
N333-18-110 S-31A
N338-18-110 S-31A
N339-18-110 S-29A
N342-18-110 IRE01-27
N3A1-18-110 IRE01-27
N3A3-18-110 IRE01-27
N3Y1-18-110 IRT01-31
YF10 18
Z601-18-110 SK16PR-E11
ZM01-18-110 SKJ16CR-A8
ZM02-18-110 SKJ20CR-A8
ZZ33-18-110 J16CR-U
ZZS1-18-110 XU22EPR-U
ZZS2-18-110 XU22EPR-U
ZZS4-18-110 J16CR-U
0000-10-10GV W31ES-ZU
0000-10-11GV W34ES-ZU
0000-10-8GV W24ES-ZU
0000-10-9GV W27ES-ZU
0000-10-BKR7 K22PR-U11
0000-10-R105 IRE01-32
0000-10-R11 IRE01-34
0000-10-R115 IRE01-35
0000-10-R540-08 K24PR-ZU
0000-10-R540-09 IK01-27
IA11-18-110 IXU22
JE43-18-110 IK20
JE44-18-110 IK20
75093 W20EPR-U
271758 K22PR-ZU
272313 PK20PR-P8
272344 PK20PR-P8
272767 PK20PR-P8
917910 PK20PR-P8
1269915 T22EP-U
1306604 W22EP-U
1306605 W20EP-U
1346541 W20EPR-U
1357826 W22FP-U
1357827 W22FP-U
1357828 W20FP-U
1367015 W22EPR-U
1367526 W20EP-U
1367527 W22EP-U
1367528 W16EPR-U
1367529 W22EPR-U
1389896 T22EP-U
1667529 W20EPR-U
3517629 K22PR-U
3517980 Q20PR-U
3517980 K20PR-U
8642660 K20TXR
8642661 K20TXR
270746-1 W16EPR-U
270747-9 W22EPR-U
271409-5 W20EPR-U
271415-2 W22EPR-U
271427-7 K20PR-U
271603-3 K22PR-U
271636-3 K20PR-U
271727-0 K20PR-U
271766-8 K22PR-ZU
272207-2 K20TXR
272372-4 K20TXR
273599-1 T20EPR-U
30637385 K20HR-U11
30650379 IKH20
30650843 K20HR-U11
3213327-4 W20EXR-U
3343929-0 W22EPR-U
3344315-1 W16EPR-U
3344472-0 J16CR-U
3344473-8 J16CR-U
3344898-6 W20EXR-U
3344899-4 W20EXR-U
8694749 IT20
9135871 K22PR-ZU
9146775 K20TXR
9202064 K20TXR
20554214 GE3-1
109X9145775 K20TXR
207X9146775 K20TXR
5960.54 IKH16
5960.57 K16HPR-U11
5960.58 K16HPR-U11
5960.83 XE20HR-U9
5960.84 XE20HR-U9
5962.0G Q20PR-U
5962.0J Q16PR-U
5962.0P Q20PR-U
5962.4A K20TXR
5962.4E W20EPR-U
5962.6L K20PR-U
5962.7S K20PR-U
5962.K1 Q22PR-U
5962.OE PK20PR11
5962.T0 Q20PR-U
5962.W1 Q20PR-U
5962.Y1 K16TNR-S9
5962.Z1 PK20PR11
91.517.001 W20EP-U
91.517.007 T20EP-U
91.517.013 T20EP-U
95.619.038 W22FS-U
95.619.039 W22FP-U
95.619.040 W20FP-U
95.619.041 T22EP-U
95.619.041 W22EP-U
96.024.607 Q22P-U
96.024.614 Q20P-U
96.037.952 Q16P-U11
96.064.890 Q16PR-U
96.070.659 Q20P-U
96.070.663 Q20PR-U
96.088.669 Q22PR-U
96.089.220 Q20PR-U
96.096.685 K22PBR-S
MYC.000006N W24EP-U
MYC.000006R Q22PR-U
MYC.000007R Q22PR-U
MYC.000279N W22EP-U
ZB.9000.060.U W22EP-U
ZB.9000.061.U T20EP-U




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    2 Year warranty Transmission Dual Linear Solenoid Gearbox Solenoid Valve OEM 28260-PRP-014











    Q1: How do you pack goods?

    A:Generally,we pack our goods in our own brand color box and brown (white) carton or corrugated outer cartons are also available per customers’ requirement

    Q2: What are you terms of payment?

    A:Negotiable.Usually T/T 30% as deposit,and 70% before delivery.We will show you the goods photos of the products and package before your pay the balance.Also can accept Paypal,Western Union.Credit card available.

    Q3: What are your terms of delivery?

    A: EXW , FOB 

    Q4: What is you MOQ?

    A: We have MOQ of 10 piece,for formal order the MOQ is acceptable

    Q5: How about you delivery time?

     A: If we have goods in stock,it takes in 3-7 days after receiving the payment.The specific delivery time depends on the items and quantity of order.

    Q6: What can I do if could not find the goods on you website?

    A: You’re much welcome to contact our sales with specific information (such as OE number,and the pictures of back side front side and pin configuration etc ),so that we can check it for you whether we can make the item or not.

    Q7: How to get a quotation?

    A: Advice us the needed OE number,color,picture,etc via email or on-line chat tool.We will send you the quotation ASAP. 

    Q8: How do I know that you have sent out the parts?

    A: Once the parts have been sent out,the tracking number will be provided so that you can check where your goods at all times.

    Q9: What is your sample policy?

    A:We can supply the sample,but customers have to pay the sample cost and the shipping cost.



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